re-creation of gothic architecture


  • Chris Henige
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • John James
  • University of New South Wales

Mission and Methodology

About This Project


As a way of testing some of the conclusions that we have drawn using the Creation of Gothic Architecture (COGA) and Ark projects, we plan to "re-create" the building activity of the period by modeling only those parts of buildings that we put up in any particular decade. For example, we will start with all surviving building parts in the region that we believe date to the 1060s. We will only model those portions. This will allow us to make judgments about what could reasonably be accomplished in a particular phase of construction, what would the logical cutoff points be in the construction, and what structures may already have been in place that the builders would have had to take into account.

By moving through the history, decade by decade, we will almost literally "re-create" the building activity of the region. When we are done, users should be able to see just what state any building was in in any given decade, and also gain some understanding about what the medieval building landscape may have looked like at any given time.

As part of the COGA project, John James has "chunked" each building into logical building phases based on the physical evidence in each building. Chris Henige will then take these chunks and create models of them. As problems arise, they will discuss them, and perhaps refine some of the information. The models will also yield plans, elevations and sections for each building, which while not intended to be archeological, will at least give some generic sense of the physical nature of each building.

It is hoped that over the next two years or so, a substantial amount of the modeling will be completed. We hope you will visit this site from time to time to see how we've progressed.