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the immersive imagery project

The Immersive Imagery Project includes hi-resolution imagery and panoramas of buildings that are not part of the above projects, including the allied arts such as stained glass, mural painting and tiling.

the portal project

The Portal Project includes hi-resolution imagery of the sculpted portals throughout France. It is intended as a teaching tool, but future development will include keyword searches on physical and iconographic features.

creation of gothic architecture

The Creation of Gothic Architecture (COGA) project provides general data nearly 1000 buildings, phases of construction and their dates, images, panoramas, and other archival materials.

coga analytics

The analytical side of the Creation of Gothic Architecture (COGA) project provides tools for searching across multiple buildings based on a variety of search criteria, including date ranges, building features, affiliations, etc.

re-creation of gothic architecture

The Re-Creation of Gothic Architecture (ReCOGA) project uses the data from the COGA project as the basis for the construction of 3D digital models of each proposed phase of construction.

the ark project

The Ark Project includes a database of sculpted capitals from many of the buildings represented in COGA and ReCOGA. These form the basis for proposed dating in those other projects.